Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

Reservation of Villa

For your convenience in booking a NOVA VILLA BATU MALANG Songgoriti we beg to make absolutely sure the time you've made and make reservations on our type-type where you have a message / booking.

The requirements to be understood:

1. Place an order by telephone or direct
2. Provide advance as signs or pay so full (also okay) from the rates have been determined
3. Transfer payment in the account of Bank Mandiri Branch or the Bank BCA Malang Batu Batu Malang Branch

Contact Person (Writer / Tourism Information / Reservation):

Mrs. Novy ER
Hotline 24 hours: +628123368731 / +62341-7695333 (NO Serve SMS)
email TOURISM: er.novy @ gmail.com (for evidence of transfer when it has done and is required or prior agreement to send e-mail)

website: http://novavilla.wordpress.com/



Those who have booked VILLA NOVA to give money as a sign so. If there is a failure in terms of hiring, the advances are considered sunk-no-refundable.

The no. account that can be used as a tool or transfer via BANK MANDIRI BANK BCA CAB. BATU MALANG:
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