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What's In the Valley Area Songgoriti?

Many guests tourists who visit the City Tourism Batu and Malang Raya ask us, 'What the heck wrote interesting places to visit in Songgoriti? "

Long before the City of Stone Tour stand-alone form the Government in Batu (while still joining the District of Malang), Batu beauty that appeals to visitors tour is Songgoriti, Selecta, Natural Bath Cangar. Nickname Paris Van Java is a nickname of Stone Town from a western tourist,

Due to the cool mountain air and fresh, the nickname was appropriate for the beauty of Batu Town. Hopefully we can all preserve the culture of beautiful nature. Let us greening.

Songgoriti. Its location in the west of Batu Town. Located in the beautiful valley of the hills, this area is the most famous and best-selling will be leasing and residential villas from the simple (mostly) up to luxury as a place to rest. Even if the school holiday season, Idul Fitri, Christmas and New Year is not only the winning villas rented to tourists, but also people's homes and get a windfall of tourist who vacation in Batu Town

There Tirta Nirwana bath with a pool is quite satisfied and provide a place for outbound, flying fox, water cycling. On the Tirta Nirwana and lodging across the street there VILLA NOVA Songgoriti Tourism Market. Many visitors smoothly sayurna in those markets, there are also children and adults who like gorgeous rabbit and hamster animal cute and pretty flower-bunag too.

From the Villa Nova on the left there Songgoriti Tourism Market Baths / Swimming Pool as well. Bath is also a pool of warm water containing sulfur to cure various diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic pain pegel and others.

Tour history should also receive extra attention from the local government to support local revenue (PAD). Archaeological sites Supo Temple / Temple located in the Hotel Songgoriti Songgoriti. Tomb Songgoriti elders are also in the Hotel Songgoriti.

You who love cycling pancal or Dunhill? Usually the bike fun community in Indonesia to hold the event around the pine forest that is in Songgoriti.

Similarly, you who love the sport and recreation management challenge to test our adrenaline, have paragliding of Batu Town each year to host the International Paragliding Festival. For those who want to try it, could have come into place paragliding information on how fees are charged?

You are like a culinary tour? PUNCAK PAYUNG become a mainstay of Batu Town Tour. Even on a Saturday night to visit the young couple who is on a drunken romance. .
From PAYUNG, you can menlanjutkan to Coban Rondo Waterfall in District Pujon Malang Regency, Dam Selorejo and rafting in Kasembon.

Among the information from us.

Holiday Greetings,

Novy ER

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From an inspirational story for you guys who want the streets to the Batu Tourism City...

Small families who really like to travel. Relaxation of saturation routines. Sometimes enjoy the sunrise and the beauty of Mount Bromo is indeed beautiful, sometimes also with the train coming into the adrenaline rafting, flying fox. There are many ways made by a father for her children who happened to be the Mother can not stay silent aja without recreation.

One time Mama says, "Recreational do to the mall. Been bored, come home instead of fresh but the headache out of money for shopping. Tired...."

The first child of the eighth grade agreed saying, "That's right, Ma. Sunday tomorrow where we plan?"
The second child of four classes, but most really like to swim up to stand a few hours of suggested, "Let's swim to the Batu, Malang"

Little discussion about the plan's streets finally head of the family decided they would enjoy the natural Batu and Malang. "Okay, we all BNS evening followed the next day we swam in it and go home Songgoriti stop Wonosari Lawang Tea Gardens .."

"Culinary as to where to plan the streets tomorrow, Pa?" Mama did not want to miss about eating.
"Mama is about to eat a certain number. Not want to miss. Yes we stay at the villa alone, Mama carefully, we swim. Mama also never go swimming."
"Well .. not at home, the kitchen is on vacation Mama continues .. But it's okay .. Mama is ready. We want to stay in?"

Laptop is among them.
Modem was ready to serve those seeking a browsing event an inn in the area of ​​Batu, Malang. The first child's hand holding the mouse stops and shows, then click on a site of a lodge.
They read together.

This is what I'd like. An interesting information. Villa simple is not necessarily expensive.'s Fun. How, what we stayed in a villa Songgoriti this?" Papa asked for approval.
"Hmm .. should not, be Pa. Mama also liked. See, the author presents a lot of valuable information about the tour in Malang, where the villa belongs to the Muslims again. There is a mosque. Let's call for reservations."

Once they are happy to finally deal with a blog site belongs to someone whose writings are interesting and many more like it because it took too keep away from negative things. Hmm .. a simple villa mandate. Strategic location as well.

Once they are happy to finally deal with a blog site belongs to someone whose writings are interesting and many more like it because it took too keep away from negative things. Hmm .. a simple villa mandate. Strategic location as well.

"Hello, with Mrs. Novy ER? My family and I've read your writings. Interesting. Work. And our family is very interested to rent your Villa. Could to stay the weekend tomorrow?"
"Incidentally you can, sir. Need How many rooms?"
"We are a small family, ma'am. It took two pretty rooms."
"Good sir, there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full DVD for karaoke for the family and the kitchen."

Agreed. The transaction begins.

"By the way, our family really impressed with the information from Mrs. Novy ER. What is the villa's own mother? And the mother herself who wrote the articles?"
"Previously the attention of really thank you. It is true that our family villa. And incidentally Allah's love for me like the privilege of traveling the world and IT as well as writing since she was a baby, hehe ... All of my blog that made ​​Pak. Only assisted at God guided me to write fluently. "

"Great. Perhaps learning from Mrs. Novy?"
"Once again thanks a lot. I'm also still learning to write and convey useful information. I want our villa full of Rahmat and blessing. Amen," the author tries to humble themselves. Do not want to try arrogant.
"Okay, God willing, I'll be a customer keep Mrs. Novy. Pleasure to meet with Mrs. Novy. Not through a broker anymore, Mom."

Sunday nights are awaited has arrived. Families of the metropolis were ready to leave the streets towards the city of Batu. Create Porong avoid congestion in the existing settlement at some point, because pity the tourists who want to go in the direction of Malang and Prigen, they leave early. First stop at the Wildlife Museum for children to know the animals there. Home of Wildlife Museum and the rest drove around while eating meatballs Songgoriti villa.

No more idea of the villa reservation has also been ready for him with a friendly smile.

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A province on the island of Java, the largest island many interesting attractions that could bring in foreign exchange for our country. That's when managed professionally. Not inferior to Bali Island of course. Yups, that's right. The beach there, the mountain there is also, especially religious tourism. East Java is the basis of the spread of Islam to the Land of Java. Even five of the nine Walisongo in East Java. Not to mention boarding tours, historical tours and much more.POTENTIAL FOR TOURISM DISTRICT MALANG


first heard the song

Outbound WANT ...???? Songgoriti suitable ...!!!!

who want to outbound in mountainous areas seems to be more fit if implemented in a tourist area Songgoriti valley. More precisely took place in front of the Baths Tirta Nirwana simple inn owned by a Muslim family VILLA NOVA (all lodgings here).

Often held at that location with more than one provider of outbound and outbound adventure with many participants. Can be used for office workers and school children.

Check out photos of the author that have been taken (by @ NovyWriter).

See more at a weblog These pictures complete.

Selorejo dam located approximately 30 minutes from VILLA NOVA Songgoriti (direction towards Kasembon Rafting or Jombang-Kadiri area) was not only picking the cashew unlimited travel on the island of Jambu or simply enjoy a variety of fishing and marine fish species that can also culinary here. But there is a new, more exciting rides.

As well as recreational sports in the mountainous region of course is much more to make us more happy trips. In addition to the event can trigger adrenaline and test our courage. The tourists can enjoy these rides high above the water about 40 meters. With a height of 8 meters when we play flying fox crossing / crossing the reservoir with a fairly heavy slide across with a length of 125 meters across the dam and the position of the body hanging on steel ropes.
If willing, please visit the dam Selorejo closer to the City Tourism stone yet entered the territory of Malang Regency West Section.

Booking hotels in Vila Nova Songgoriti from now

Or visit the web also travel on the related link in our blog.


Natural attractions ... fresh, well thought fit by looking at the beautiful scenery ... So, not much to write in words that are strung in a beautiful sentence ... For those of you who want to enjoy cool and natural ambience, come to the Falls area is a favorite in East Java province especially the region of Malang Raya. Where else if not Coban Rondo Waterfall.

ndeed, it seems if you pay a visit to Malang Raya, it feels incomplete if they do not come to the area of ​​West Malaysia. In addition there are Kasembon Rafting, Dam Selorejo, Pujon District also has the Baths tour Dewi Sri, the traditional market place selling vegetables are cheap and fresh, well Coban Rondo favorite tours.

Coban Rondo Waterfall is very feasible for you can make as a reference family holiday.

Waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Panderman was first used as a tourist attraction in 1980. The word itself means waterfall Coban, while Rondo is a widow. So Coban Rondo waterfall is a widow. Naming is based on events that happened in that place.

That said, long ago there was a beautiful woman named Goddess Anjarwati. Goddess Anjarwati married Raden Kusuma Baron of Mount Anjasmoro. After marriage, they lived at the residence of Goddess Anjarwati at Gunung Kawi. After 36 days (selapan) married, Goddess Anjarwati invites her husband to visit her in-laws house in Mount Anjasmoro. Goddess parents forbade them to leave because they just got married selapan day. But they insist to stay away.

Coban Rondo close to Villa Nova

On the way, they met with Joko Lelono. Seeing the beauty goddess fell Anjarwati Joko Lelono heart at first sight. Although the idea that the Goddess Anjarwati already a married woman, Joko Lelono go ahead try to grab Anjarwati Goddess of Raden Baron Kusuma. A fight was inevitable. Before the fight, Raden Kusuma Baron ordered the clown-servants (ministers) are attached to them to hide the Goddess in a place where there cobannya (waterfall). Raden Baron Kusuma think, after the defeat Joko Lelono, he would immediately follow his wife at the hideout. But the poor can not be avoided. In a very fierce fight were both killed.

With the death of Baron Raden Kusuma Dewi Anjarwati then changed its status to a widow or a "rondo". Since then the people Anjarwati goddess called the hideout as Coban Rondo. Boulders located at the base of Coban's was the place where Goddess Anjarwati sat waiting her husband.

Coban Rondo, can also for ceremonial occasions such as outbound recreational nature.

From Coban Rondo you can continue to go up to Banyak Mount follow paragliding or just a close look at the athletes paragliding or tourists who want to experience a walk in the clouds.
Continued in the region Songgoriti berisitirahat already famous for its many villas.
One of them you can rent at Villa Nova & Family.

Regards Recreation,

Novy ER